ASAP/Journal Editor Search

ASAP:  The Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present seeks applications for the next editor(s)-in-chief of the award-winning ASAP/Journal. Jonathan P. Eburne will complete his term as Editor (and Founding Co-Editor) of ASAP/Journal at the end of production for Volume 5 (2020). To assure a smooth transition, the ASAP Motherboard has initiated the search for his successor(s), whose appointment will be announced in spring 2020 in advance of a five-year term beginning June 1, 2020 (Volume 6, 2021-Volume 10, 2025).

About the Journal

ASAP/Journal is the flagship journal of ASAP: The Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present, and represents the mission of the Association.  Appearing thrice annually in January, May, and September through an agreement between ASAP and the Johns Hopkins University Press, it publishes articles of interest to scholars, practitioners, and students of post-1960s arts worldwide, including the visual, performing, literary, and media arts. ASAP/Journal publishes peer-reviewed essays (as well as interviews and editorial forums) about international art, artists, or arts movements of any kind, unrestricted by national, ethnic, religious, or gender borders and boundaries.


ASAP/Journal has been awarded prizes for Best New Journal (2017) and Best Design (2016) from the Council of Editors of Learned Journals and is the 2019 PROSE Award recipient for Best New Journal in Humanities. The journal promotes intellectual exchange between artists and critics across the arts and humanities, and it operates on two platforms: a print platform available to ASAP members and subscribers worldwide via Project MUSE; and an open-access online platform, ASAP/J, that publishes independent content, including book and exhibition reviews and other features.

Position Description

The Editor or Editors of ASAP/Journal give leadership to the organization and production of the scholarly journal of ASAP, in collaboration with the ASAP/J editors and the editorial team of ASAP/Journal. Individuals or groups of two or more are welcome to apply for the editorship; the editor(s) fill one voting position on the ASAP Motherboard.

Major Responsibilities of the ASAP/Journal Editor(s)

Major Responsibilities of the ASAP/Journal Editor(s)-in-Chief include upholding the mission of ASAP in representing the contemporary arts in all media worldwide; recruiting and receiving manuscript submissions and arranging peer reviews, when warranted; communicating with authors and potential authors;  working with an editorial collective that includes a team of Associate Editors on (renewable) 3-year appointments; organizing and submitting copy for each tri-annual issue of the journal in a timely fashion to the Johns Hopkins University Press; line-editing essay content and checking proofs; planning future issues; serving on the ASAP Motherboard and attending annual meetings of ASAP, as well as reporting on the journal’s activities at Motherboard meetings; maintaining and developing professional relationships with principals and staff of the Press, which maintains ASAPs membership list and renewal processes; publicizing journal activities, particularly in synchronizing print and online journal content; receiving, processing, storing, sending out and otherwise disposing of materials the journal receives for potential review. The Editor or Editors should bring to all these tasks broad scholarly knowledge, an expansive network of scholarly contacts, and energy and imagination regarding the journal and association mission. The Editor or Editors work independently but make(s) regular reports to the ASAP Motherboard. Active ASAP membership is a basic expectation of a successful application, which is, in part, a reflection of the importance of the association’s membership in the core mission of the journal.

The Editor(s)-in-Chief position for ASAP/Journal is a volunteer position and does not receive monetary compensation from either the Association or the Johns Hopkins Press. The journal receives an annual operating budget from ASAP. The Johns Hopkins University Press is committed to copyediting, designing, producing, and distributing the journal. The founding editors secured support from their home institutions before their appointment, including 20 hours per week of graduate student time as Editorial Assistant for the journal; Johns Hopkins University Press also provides funding for a part-time Managing Editor.


If you are interested in this position, please submit a letter that addresses your qualifications and vision for editing ASAP/Journal, as well as a copy of your CV.

The ASAP Motherboard will form an ad-hoc search committee. All applications are due by December 1, 2019. We strongly encourage candidates to discuss their intentions with their academic administrators (deans, department chairs, etc.) in advance of applying for the position. The search committee will ask about what kinds of institutional support the applicants will receive if appointed to the editorship (for example, course releases, graduate and/or other student or staff support, any additional financial contribution). The new Editor(s) will be expected to be in regular contact with the current Editors during the winter and spring of 2020 to ensure an orderly transition, taking over full responsibility on June 1, 2020

All application packets (in PDF format) should be sent to: by December 1, 2019.