Because of the postponement of ASAP/12, many ASAP members will be missing out on opportunities to talk about and publicize their new work. While there’s no replacement for that kind of personal interaction—or for readers taking their time to leaf through books at a publisher’s table—we would like to provide you with an avenue for discussing your book with other members.

To this end, there will be a gallery of recent books on the ASAP/J website, where clicking on the cover image of a book will take you to a conversation with the author about their new work.

If you are a member of ASAP and have published a book in 2019 and 2020, we invite you to submit a short conversation with a peer or colleague about your new book.  This will be evaluated by one of the editors before publication.

To keep this manageable for editors, we will restrict this to ASAP members’ books published in 2019 and 2020. Please watch ASAP/Journal’s social media feeds for updates; details will also be provided at and via membership email. Please feel free to email your submissions by 15 August; 1 October; 15 November 2020; 30 January 2021; 15 March to We look forward to hearing from you!