Below is a general announcement that is now part of the official documentation of the Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present (ASAP).


ASAP is committed to exploring the richness and diversity of the international contemporary arts as well as the critical methodologies used to elucidate them.


ASAP welcomes all forms of innovative or established scholarship that have as their primary purpose the advancement of learning about the contemporary arts. We are predicated on the reality that the contemporary arts operate globally through the interaction of persons, cultures, systems of distribution, and translations of values. We also strongly support local articulations that may contest such circulation and encourage groundbreaking scholarship as well as fellowship and scholarly interaction among its constituents.


In the interest of human flourishing and the free creation and dissemination of ideas, as a community we are opposed to:


  • any discriminatory practice against persons or ideas on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religious creed, age, gender, sexual preference, disability or other personal or group identity.
  • all forms of sexual harassment.
  • derogatory or prejudicial language.


Based upon these principles, ASAP is committed to hosting conference and symposia that are inclusive and welcoming for all. In consequence, participants, exhibitors and organizers in ASAP events are required to abide by the principles listed above. The following behaviors are unacceptable at ASAP events:

  • Harassment, intimidation or discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, religion, academic rank, physical appearance, age, disability or other personal or group identity.
  • Sexual harassment and intimidation, including unwelcome sexual attention, physical or virtual stalking, unsolicited physical contact, or threats of retaliation in exchange of rejection.
  • Shouting down or threatening speakers and participants, disparaging speakers or participants on the basis of any of the categories defined for harassment.


We ask speakers to frame discussions in terms as open, respectful and inclusive as possible. In the interest of maintaining an atmosphere of academic freedom we ask speakers not to refrain from engaging controversial materials. At the same time, please be thoughtful of the effect that language or images may have on others.


All members participating in conferences and symposia, online venues (including engagement with our social media accounts) and ASAP-related social events agree to follow these guidelines. Attendees asked to stop a hostile or harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately. Please report any physical assault or threats to the local police department. We invite conference participants to approach any member of the ASAP Motherboard to report any breach of this Code of Conduct. Behavior in breach of this Code of Conduct is not welcome and will not be tolerated, and may jeopardize a member’s good standing in the organization.


Adapted from the ASAP Constitution and the guidelines of the Modern Language Association and the American Library Association.


Unanimously approved by the Motherboard in August 2019.