1. How long should my paper be?

Panels and roundtables run 1.5 hours (60 minutes for papers, 30 minutes for Q&A).

For panels with 3 presenters, each paper should aim to fit within 20 minutes. For panels with 4 presenters, each paper should limit itself to 15 minutes. Chairs are tasked with ensuring that all speakers keep within their time limit to allow for audience response and participation.

Roundtables run similarly to panels in regular session formats but feature 5-7 speakers who give short presentations concerning a specific discussion topic. Roundtable moderators are expected to specify time limits and ensure that they are observed by each speaker.

Seminars run for 3 hours and their exact structure will be determined and communicated by the seminar leaders.


  1. What is my role as chair?

Chairs should ensure that the session begins on time, and that participants follow time limits. Chairs should introduce all the speakers at the beginning, and follow the order of presentation listed in the program. Chairs should also moderate the Q&A session.


  1. To whom should I submit my bio for introduction?

Submit your brief bio to the chair of your session, ideally by email before the conference begins. If you are not able to make contact, bring a printed copy to your session.


  1. What audio-visual equipment will be provided?

All panels and roundtables will have a digital equipment package. The Hotel will provide a wireless internet connection free of charge, though the connection speed will not be sufficient to do intensive work (such as video streaming). Expect to be able to browse the Web and check email. Each room will be provided with a drop down screen and projector or an LCD monitor on which slides can be projected. Laptops will not be provided, so please bring your own laptop along with any dongles you will need to connect your computer to a projector or screen. Alternately, you might coordinate with your fellow panelists to share laptops. Larger rooms will have wireless mics available.

Seminar rooms will not have audio-visual equipment.


  1. What if I can no longer attend? Who should I inform? May I Skype in?

ASAP has determined that video-conferencing is neither reliable nor cost-effective and will not be available for the conference. If illness or another emergency prevents your attendance, please email us at asap11.umd@gmail.com as soon as possible. Please remember your ethical obligation to keep your commitment and appear in person at the conference because no-shows affect the experience of all conference attendees.


  1. May I record a conference session and post it on social media?

We do not permit audiotaping or videotaping sessions. However, we do recognize the importance of social media to the conference experience. Images or short video clips taken with smartphones may be posted on social media. If users would like their images and clips to be linked to the conference experience (where norms of professional conduct obtain), they are encouraged to use the hashtag #ASAP11 in their posts.