Dear ASAP membership:

We hope you have been staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. On behalf of the ASAP Motherboard, we seek nominations for two executive committee positions. Nominations and self-nominations are welcome until May 31, 2020.

1. Second Vice President (4-year term starting Fall 2020, advancing to Vice President in 2021, President in 2022, and Past President in 2023).

2. Member-at-Large (2-year term starting Fall 2020).

For both positions, we welcome nominations for candidates working in any arts-related field, as defined in our Mission. We are mindful that the Motherboard should reflect the full range of disciplines in our membership—including film, media, visual arts, performing arts, music, and literary studies—to help foster more expansive conversations across our various disciplines, and broaden the scope of our future initiatives, conferences, and collaborations.

The Second Vice President fulfills duties of the Vice President in her/his absence, manages the Elections, and participates on the Program Committee and other committees as needed.

The Member-at-Large responds to the interests of the ASAP membership, periodically soliciting their concerns and recommendations and representing them through participation in Motherboard meetings. Members-at-Large are encouraged to propose initiatives of their own or from the ASAP membership to the Motherboard for consideration and discussion, and they shall be members of the selection committee for the graduate student essay prize.

Elections will take place in during the summer. This year all current members of the Association are eligible to vote in the election. To renew your membership (or to join ASAP), please visit

We look forward to new members joining the Motherboard and contributing to the collaborative sense of intellectual discovery and community that has always distinguished ASAP.

Please submit nominations to me at I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about these positions and the election process.

Best regards,

Tatiana Flores

Vice President, ASAP

Associate Professor of Latino & Caribbean Studies and Art History

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey


On behalf of the ASAP Motherboard:

Ignacio Sánchez Prado, President

Tatiana Flores, Vice President

Karen Tongson, Second Vice President

Yogita Goyal, Past President

S. Elise Archias, Member-at-Large

Lauren Cramer, Member-at-Large

Ken Allan, Secretary

Maria Bose, Treasurer

Kinohi Nishikawa, Communications Director

Jonathan P. Eburne, Editor-in-Chief, ASAP/Journal

Abram Foley, Editor, ASAP/J