ASAP/13 Registration

Registration for ASAP/13 in Los Angeles is now open.

Early bird registration is available until August 1, 2022.

Regular registration is open after August 1 until September 12, 2022.

Our rates reflect our commitment to supporting work of graduate students and contingent faculty.

Graduate students, contingent faculty, independent:

$75.00 early in person; $50.00 virtual. [$100.00 in person after August 1]

Tenure-line faculty, retired faculty, independent:

$185.00 early in person; $75.00 virtual. [$210.00 in person after August 1]

ASAP/13 will have a hybrid format, blending virtual presentations as well as in-person programming at UCLA, in order to maximize accessibility and explore how and why we gather together.

The conference theme—Edge Play—addresses the experience of our locations. We encourage the exploration of edge ecologies, edge effects, and different forms of limits in contemporary art and culture — horizons,  boundaries, cliffs and coasts, sidewalks and ledges, pain and pleasure thresholds. We might be on the edge of disaster, or the edge of glory, or both. We are cruising dystopias, and doing so from Los Angeles, the dream factory, in a California that figures the future and the end of worlds—a region that is itself already the site of genocidal and ecological disaster. For this conference, we are interested in pushing back against the edge lords, reclaiming the knife’s edge, the limit, the  border and the frame. We are curious about edges as formal devices, artists who play their edge and work between spaces. We are chasing the edge, making the cut, getting lost in the exurbs.

Registration Notes:

The first step is to join ASAP if you aren’t already a member, before registering at the conference rates appropriate to your category. Please note that due to the ongoing pandemic, we’ve lowered the registration rate for graduate students and contingent faculty, and only slightly increased rates for tenured/TT full-time faculty from the last in-person conference registration rates in 2019. Artists without a tenured or tenure-track position may also attend at the graduate student/contingent faculty rate. Early bird registration ends August 1.

For those attending virtually, please note that once you register for virtual attendance, you cannot transfer to an in-person presentation due to the capacity constraints of our in-person facilities at UCLA. We thank you for your understanding.